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Microsoft Azure Mastery Bundle

Combining both technologies will allow us to implement a highly available file sharing architecture in Windows Azure. aware that a DFS client will case study windows azure a short time of share unavailability in case study windows azure its current DFS instance goes down.

The issue here is not even DFS but rather SMB trying to reconnect to the same instance which makes perfectly sense in the case of temporary network outage. This document describes a deployment of a highly available file share environment based on DFS in Windows Azure.

Automating licensing for Office 365 in a hybrid environment

High-Level Design The picture below the general architecture of the solution: All cases study windows azure that want to access DFS file shares have to be deployed within this Virtual Network as well.

DFS requires Active Directory. Choose grammar and plagiarism checker free right server and click Next: Click Add features to add all required features including the NPS: Finish the wizard by click Install and wait till the installation finish: Now, Open the NPS console from server manager as below: Click on load balancing tab, increase the highlighted values to avoid any time out cases study windows azure, i prefer to set these values to 60 seconds or more: Choose Client Friendly name option, then click Add button as below: Now click on the second Policy and check the configurations: Give the policy and friendly case study windows azure and click Next: Cloud Service Diagnostics, Debugging, and Configuration Here we learn about configuring and using the diagnostics features of Cloud Services, again expanding the concepts introduced in chapter 6.

Finally we are given an example on how to use script tasks to automate common needs.

The provided example shows how to integrate these two technologies to broadcast messages to connected clients, including a desktop Windows Presentation Framework WPF application. In the end we learn how to use the Active Directory to authorize accesses to our services.

  • In order to keep the footprint of the solution small DFS and Domain Services will be installed on the same instances.
  • Give the policy and friendly name and click Next:
  • Click the Next button to continue.
  • It captures users who have specific target addresses and adds them to an Azure AD dynamic security group that contains all users who are entitled to Exchange Online.

Integrating a Mobile Application Using Mobile Services Coming closer to the end, this chapter walks the reader on the various aspects of building a mobile client that connects to the cloud using Azure Mobile Services. We see how to implement a mobile-enabled web application and Web API service, how to publish it and how to implement a matching Windows Phone application, fully featured with push notifications.


When provisioning for this new Virtual Machine is completed, the Status column will display a value of Running and you may continue with the next step in this This IP case study windows azure should be listed as In this case, click the DELETE button located on the bottom toolbar of the virtual machine details page for XXXlabfs02, and go back to the beginning of Exercise 1 to confirm that all steps were completed correctly.

essay creator infrastructure components to eliminate single points-of-failure and increase application service availability, in this case for clustered roles running on each virtual machine node.

Login to the Windows Azure Management Portal. On the Virtual Machines Dashboard page, click on the Configure button located on the top page navigation bar.

Protection, detection, and response

On the Configure case study windows azure, select the case study windows azure to Create Availability Set in the drop-down menu for the Availability Set field. Click the Save button located on the bottom page navigation toolbar to save the new Availability Set definition.

When prompted, click the Yes button to confirm this save operation. Note that as part of saving a new Availability Set assignment, a virtual machine may need to be placed on different underlying infrastructure components to isolate fault and update domains.

As case study windows azure of this process, the virtual machine could be restarted. When this update has completed, you may continue with the next step in this exercise.

By completing this exercise, each VM is now placed on separate underlying cloud infrastructure to eliminate a single-point-of-failure between VMs.